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The Latest News
Well, here we are....Autumn!
Football is back Thank God!
Crowds enjoying the outdoors again!
The trees beginning to display their
beauty as their leaves turn beautiful
colors....Cider is back in the stores!
The "Social Zone License" has been put
on hold until the downtown development
has been completed...the streets are being redone
and Vicksburg will have a new look!
We're planning a new fall menu for all
our great customers, watch Facebook for updates!
We'll be featuring some great Fall Drinks as well!

AND Don't Miss our

TAP LIST on the Menu Tab above

Also Don't Forget "Happy Hour"

Daily From 3:00 to 6:00 PM

AND All Day Sunday!

Our Flowers are starting to show
their end of days....But the trees are starting their annual color show!
Soon the outside enclosure will be
going up signaling some cooler
weather, but we still have the
"Fire Pit" to keep us all warm.


The New Bandstand Pavilion
Continues To Work GREAT!

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Looking For A Great

Time at a Friendly Bar After A Hard Day Of Killing The Dragon?

Check Out

Vickers' Lakeside Tavern....

We Wrote the Book


Vickers' Lakeside Tavern

Come On Out....

Jon Pearsall and Jack Pearsall
At The "Inside Bar"

Friends Make ANYWHERE A Great Place To Be....

Especially If It's Vickers' Lakeside Tavern

A VERY Happy Vickers Customer!

AND We Love You Too!!

Stop In And Let Us Show You How Much!

Enjoy Our Snacks
Happy Hour
Between 3 & 6pm
Sunday "ALL" Day!

You...Your Friends.....A Great Atmosphere, Who could ask for more? If You want "More".....Ask!

We specialize in "MORE"!

Check out Menu! Tavern Food at it's Best! AND we'll be adding Weekday Specials as we grow!

Watch for Marquees...☺

32 Beers on Tap Plus 2 Full Bars

and a Great Selection Of Wine

50¢ Off All Draft Pints and Aluminum Pints