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That Which Will Be Great Requires The Passage of Time

Some of you past patrons might remember the "Coffee" Bar in the front of the building....see at right


Remember the "Banquet Room"?

It's now an Office and Storage Area

Faint Outline of New Doors on the Wall

Opening for Doors Cut and Patched

Keeping the January Cold Out!!

New Doors For Entry To The Deck

Outside Looking In

Here it is Folks....What was left behind....

Heres' what was left...No Thermo Couples....Pilots shot....Flat Top rusted to Hell and back...NO Ovens!

One Fryer short...and the other hasn't been cleaned since Moby Dick was a Sardine

Here's what we did...TWO Blodgett Pizza Ovens!!

Here's what we decide to do....A Brand New Stove with Charbroiler, Flat Top, and 2 Burners....and the ovens even work

Soooo We went out and got State of the Art PITCO Fryers....As You see, TWO of them!!

As You can see we care about our Customers....If You don't believe that You're NOT paying attention

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